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Why Local SEO

Does your website rank high on local Google searches? Can customers easily find your business in New Orleans? Do you want to attract new customers from your local area? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, we want to help. At Digital Rank Up, our local SEO services makes it quick, easy and painless for businesses in New Orleans to rank high on local Google searches.

Customers closer to your business are more likely buy your product. When someone enters a search term such as “hairdresser” on Google, they expect a local result and not one in a different city or state. People making these types of queries have a high buying intention. By using local SEO to help them find your business, you can quickly boost sales and increase profit margins.

The Benefits of Local SEO for your Business

Whether large or small, your business can benefit from local SEO in the following ways:

Enhanced local search: More and more customers are using the internet to look for products and services. Statistics indicate that over 90% of internet users rely on local search queries and online directories to find businesses near them. At least 75% of local searches will result in an offline purchase.

Highly targeted organic traffic: While most people perform local searches to look for a particular business, product, or service, many do not have a clue what they are looking for or where they will get it when they start the search. With local SEO, you can position your business and market your products to these customers. Local SEO can provide highly targeted organic traffic that connect customers to your business when they need it.

Increased conversion rates: Search engines including Google will display local businesses among the top results of search queries. These first few results are generally viewed as trustworthy and are most likely to get the most traffic. This means that businesses utilizing local search engine optimization will attract more visitors which will significantly improve their conversion rates.

High ROI: Traditional advertising options such as local newspapers, radio and TV are often expensive and suffer from wasted exposure. There is no way to accurately determine how many people actually want to see your ad or are interested in your product. However, with local SEO, you get very little wasted exposure. If you’re using good SEO strategy, most potential customers who see your ads will end up buying your product or visiting your business. As a result, local SEO provides businesses with the highest return on investment when compared with other marketing methods.

Gain a competitive edge: As a local business, you can always count on the fact that if your customers do not find your business online, they will go to your competition. This is why it is so important to implement local SEO to improve online visibility and stop losing potential sales.

New Orleans SEO

How does local SEO work?

The three main factors influencing your ranking in local SEO results include:

Relevance: The content on your website should be relevant to product/service you are offering. For example, if someone is looking for an attorney, it should be clear to Google that you offer this service.

Proximity: The distance between your business and the person looking for your product is also an important factor. The closer your business is to the location of the person making the search, the higher you will rank in the search results.

Prominence: The better your online presence, the higher you will appear in local search results. Establishing a successful online presence is achieved through good SEO practices applied, monitored and managed over time. 

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How Digital Rank Up Can Grow Your Business

When we start on a project the first thing we do is provide our client with a well-researched report on where they’re current ranking, what they’re ranking for, and how we can help them improve. We’ll walk you step by step on how we can work together to drive customers to your business and increase sales.

  • Brand Awareness – We start by identifying the best venues to promote such as Social Media and Facebook Groups.
  • Competitor Research – We find what is working for business that are similar to yours. Some factors we identify are: What keywords are they ranking for, where is their traffic coming from, and what local backlinks are they getting?
  • Keyword Research – We start building a large list of keywords that users are typing in to find your product and service, then formulate a plan to push your business in front of them.
  • Monitor Traffic – Once our campaigns are set up we monitor to see what is performing the best and tweak the other campaigns based off the data we’ve retrieved.
We’re an all-in-one agency! Whether you need SEO, PPC, or Social Media Marketing we’ve got you covered. Other agencies will charge you for each field you want to target, WE DON’T!

Choose Digital Rank Up Local SEO Services in New Orleans, Louisiana

Any local business that is serious about growth and success must consider using Local SEO. The advantages are obvious. Good local SEO practices will give your business a higher added value, increase the potential for better rankings and attract new customers.

It is therefore important that you choose an SEO agency that not only understands how to achieve a better online presence but one that can also optimize for top rankings and increased visibility on mobile and local searches.

The experienced team at Digital Rank Up will use a combination of modern SEO techniques and effective marketing strategies tailored to address the needs of local businesses that want to appear at the top of search results in New Orleans.

To find out more about how you can attract more customers  to your business through local SEO and marketing, get in touch with us today HERE.

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