The Importance of a Google My Business Post

The Importance of a Google My Business Post

Online users today find services, products, and businesses via Google Maps and Google Searches. With Google My Business, the giant search engine has been able to offer insight on how online searchers find listings on Maps and Searches and how they use such information after seeing it. One of the best ways in recent times for businesses to enhance their sales, reach, and engagement is through Google My Business listing. It helps strengthen ranking for local searches and optimization accordingly.

Google My Business Posting: Is it worth the time?

Google My Business has made things even better with recent enhancements. Around mid-2017, Google launched a wholly new feature with an effect of transforming businesses hugely. Released via Google My Business, the feature blends the effectiveness and ease of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media posts. The feature, Google My Business Post, also appears in virtually all related organic searches. Some benefits a post can have are:

  • Sharing specific information such as emergency business closure, changes to opening hours among others
  • Showing support for local or regional charities
  • Creating job opening posts
  • Sharing fresh business news
  • Google treats it as a mini blog post

Once a potential customer has searched the post on Google My Business on Google, the particular post materializes clearly and precisely on the Knowledge Panel of the business. Google posts look more like posts from social media sites or mini adverts appearing on Google Maps and Knowledge Panel in Google My Business.This acts as a blog post (lasts for a week), shows potential customers that your business is active, and promotes the content across the web.

Google posts are essential in various ways.

1. Call to action: Through Google My Business Posts you can add a CTA (call to action), link to your site, a different website or web page and photo. For instance, if preparing an event such as a webinar or live feed you can come up with a post for the event and include the time and the date plus a link on the registration webpage. Posts can also be created for specific sales on certain dates as well as create a link and summary of a blog post, feature a new product with an image and even send message posts for upcoming holidays. Google My Business Posts as versatile and useful as possible for any hassle engaged in. With GMB posts you can create include sign-ups, events, online orders, and bookings, learn more, get offers and purchases.

2. Videos and images/photos: In a recent study, consumers confirmed their desire to view more videos from businesses, companies, and brands of their interest. Internet video traffic is expected to be 82 percent of the entire consumer web traffic in two years. The reason videos are important in Google My Business is that of new developments that now allow users to upload about a 30-second video rather than an image. In contrast with uploading a photo, simply upload a more effective video and create more influence. Note that whether you select videos or images, you’ll have total control over the content that customers will view once they come into contact with your business, guaranteeing solid first impressions every time.

3. Ability to maximize on Google post: Your Google My Business Post offers a unique way to reach and engage customers and visitors. These include:

  • Providing a fresh blog post’s summary
  • Indicating upcoming events, launches or tradeshows
  • Linking to a fresh YouTube video
  • Featuring top employees and why they’re special
  • Highlighting top or new services or products
  • Availing new special offers or sale
  • Promoting occasions happening in a local community
  • Offering giveaways or run contests

4. Grab attention: As a business owner connecting with a potential customer, guest or visitor to your business page is everything. Google post allows you to grab the attention of the individual and engage them directly. As such, ensure the message is attention-grabbing and adds value to them. Feature items or things a possible customer will find valuable. For instance, if you created events post for a specific event or holiday such as “health week” Google can use the event post’s timing and date, including the right keywords in the message, determine relevance and aid your business to go right on top of Google searches related to the event and date.

5. Schedule posts: If you always print ads, blog or social media calendar the feature can help in so many ways. Google My Business posts allow you to schedule all the different posts your business needs to come up with and the time this need to happen. Why is this critical? Google My Business tool in itself blends content creation, creativity, marketing, press releases and search engine optimization in a single post. Simply brainstorm and come up with the relevant Google My Business Posts you need for special days, sales, holidays, launches to events, among others.

6. Enhance business visibility: Every online business or investment online really thrives on visibility on the internet. Google My Business posts enhance visibility by ensuring, among others, that Google posts appear prominently in third-party tools and mobile searches. If you always forget to create new posts on Google My Business Google can always help once you activate reminders to be alerted when it’s time to post something fresh.

7. Avoid business misrepresentation: A major problem for businesses online is a misrepresentation. Through Google My Business Posts and other features, you can enhance the consistency of accurate information regarding your business. The same consistently accurate information will also be guaranteed in other Google apps and third-party services or applications relying on Google to collect their information. It’s then easier to have information updated, including addresses, phone details to the name of the business and more, such as the time you open and new product launches.

8. Coupon promotion: If you’d love to promote coupons or own a business dealing with coupon codes you can optimize this in your Google My Business Posts and reap big. Simply begin creating posts geared toward coupon promotion. Coupon codes appear prominently, and customers won’t miss them.

Possibilities that come with Google My Business Posts are endless. Those without strong design teams in their businesses can blend Google posts with Small Thanks with Google and use online reviews to produce design content, download and publish it in print, social media and Google posts as an image. Most significant is that Google My Business feature keeps on being improved and could result in more features and functionalities in the nearest future.

Need an example of how Google My Business posts show up and how an optimized GMB looks like?

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